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We are a team of engineers with years of experience in ECU software tuning and development. We will modify it custom made just for you and with your file which you read out of your car. It is important to not just have a peak of high horsepower around a specific RPM, but to have a nice power upgrade all around the whole RPM range. We will modify your original file with the focus to give the car a nice driving experience. So not just boosting up your turbo. No, we modify a lot of parameters and give the turbo slightly more boost. This is very important. If you have read your original file out of your car, just upload it and we will modify it. After this you can download the modified file. You will be amazed about the driving performance.

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  • Global portfolio of more then 400+ clients
  • +10 Years of experience
  • Professional and fast support on every stage of work
  • Helpfull & friendly helpdesk
  • Remapped files for reasonable prices
  • High quality, safe and dyno tested tuning files
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