Car Tuning

A Stage 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 chiptuning consists of optimizing the performance of a vehicle by adjusting the engine management system with modified software.

Software modifications take place where we adjust certain parameters such as:
gas pedal acceleration, torque limiters, turbo pressure, fuel / air ratio and fuel pressure.

As we mentioned before, we do not work with copy & paste software.

On the contrary, we make the files manually to measure and we guarantee 100% quality.

In addition, there are many tuners that only adjust the 'limiters' of certain maps, while these are not the correct way of writing new software. Firstly, this is a very bad adjustment and the accelerator pedal response is very poorly adjusted. So we can ensure that there will be no smooth acceleration.

Tuning files with a waiting time of approximately 30-45 minutes is also our specialty.

Against that, we guarantee quality at fair prices, which makes us very unique in our work.

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