Vmax off


  • 1 Do you make tuning files for every car manufacturer?

    Ecu Soft File supplies chiptuning files for almost every car manufacturer. And if we don’t have the vehicle listed on our website, we certainly can find a solution for it. It doesn’t matter if it is a tuningfile for a BMW or an Audi, we find a solution!

  • 2 Do you offer original files?

    Yes, we offer original files which you can purchase on our website. Contact us for more information

  • 3 Do you offer Damos files?

    We also offer Damos files and super map packs, also available on our website. Contact us for more information.

  • 4 What kind of tuning file options does your file service provide?

    We provide almost all types of tuning files. From stage 1 remaps to custom made stage 3 projects. We also offer a lot of extra options such as DPF off, DTC removal, Decat, EGR removal but also DSG tuning in different stages. You can find our wide selection of ECU tuning file options by clicking 'Chipting files' in the header.

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Vmax off

Vmax off

Vmax stands for 'speed limiter'.

Most cars are limited to 200-250 km/h while some cars can reach a top speed of 300+ km/h.

As the name implies, we as tuners can remove the speed limiter that manufacturers introduce in many cars.
99% Of the cars currently on the market are equipped with the deactivation of this limiter.

This speed limit is handled by simply sending the read file to us, which we can disable.