Chiptuning File Service

Chip tuning involves re-tuning the engine to perform better in power.

There is a computer (ECU) in every car these days. This computer controls the engine and is called the engine management or the ECU (Electronic Control Unit).

The engine management is the brain of the engine and regulates the functionality of the engine along with various parameters, including turbo pressure, accelerator pedal position and injection amount. Because we offer better software customization, we can get the motor operation and tuning in better operation.

Chip tuning often also means that power gains of up to 40% and fuel savings of up to 15% can be achieved.

Engine adjustment

Your car comes with factory-supplied software that does not achieve the full functionality of the engine. Based on the condition of the car, by means of live data measurements, we ensure that it is adjusted in a completely new way, whereby certain parameters are adjusted.

This includes adjusting the turbo pressure, injection and desired throttle response. The car will also react in a different way to the accelerator pedal, which ensures more flexibility and driving performance of the car.

However, this is done in a safe manner with factory tolerances being maintained within the prescribed limits.

Have your car tuned by real tuners with experience

There is more to chip tuning and a lot of attention is paid to the air/fuel ratio. In practice, both more air and fuel are supplied at a certain required power (accelerator pedal response).

We are very experienced engineers in the field of software adjustments because we master the most advanced techniques of chip tuning.

We offer you our utmost quality, whereby we want to prove our most professional side when optimizing your car.

The adjusted parameters:

  • Fuel/air ratio
  • fuel pressure
  • Turbo
  • Limiters
  • Accelerator Injection