DPF OFF Soulution

The particulate filter system may indicate a malfunction such as: engine management and particulate filter light.

In some cases, this can manifest itself in an engine emergency program that puts the car in so-called emergency mode.

Most diesel cars and commercial vehicles today are equipped with a particulate filter (DPF).

Its purpose is to allow exhaust gases to pass through and to collect soot particles.

This is of course good for the environment, but it certainly has its downsides for the engine and the repair costs to replace the particulate filter can be very high.


Common problems with a clogged particulate filter:

When the engine barely reaches operating temperature, the combustion is not optimal and the emission of soot particles increases.

This will accelerate saturation of the particulate filter system.

Because the engine has not reached operating temperature, the particulate filter will reach a temperature too low to initiate the regeneration process.

The result is clogging of the particulate filter. This will reduce the engine power, cause the computer to malfunction and take your vehicle to the authorized service for repair.

absolute. The dealer can empty the particulate filter with forced regeneration.

Repeated or delayed intervention can damage the particulate filter and possibly the turbo.

This will shorten the life of the particulate filter.

Your vehicle will consume a lot of fuel, which will cause high monthly costs.